Secret London

This humble little restaurant in Kentish Town (KT is getting all the glory here) is home to one of the best burgers in London (just our opinion, but we’re pretty confident that you’ll agree). This little number (pictured) was a gluten free Dark Forest Hog’s Burger with roasted hog, streaky bacon, mushroom, caramelized onion chutney, chestnuts and pickles. Ermaaagaaad.

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Luma Hotel Hammersmith

Lazy Hunter is a brand new restaurant in Kentish Town. The aesthetic is industrial, with exposed pipes and bare brick walls helping to create Lazy Hunter’s distinctive look, alongside antler chandeliers and train carriage booths that make this restaurant feel more like a Montreal lodge than a London eatery.

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Qbic Hotels

Walking into Lazy Hunter is like entering one of those great spots in New York you’d only go to if someone who lives there takes you. Set on a slightly insalubrious stretch of Kentish Town Road, they’ve nailed the Brooklyn brunch vibe from having one of of those draught curtain things to welcoming staff dressed in plaid. Basically, if you’ve ever been to the Lodge on Grand St in Brooklyn you’ll know what I’m going on about.

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Kentish Towner

Lazy Hunter is the slightly odd name for the latest food opening on the lower Kentish Town Road – and near the run of indie cafes that includes Anima e Cuore, Bintang and Arancini Brothers. It’s also sister to Melange, a Mediterranean micro-chain with branches in Crouch End and Barnet.

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