Recipes for coffee, sugar, and salt scrubs


Body scrubs usually come in the form of pastes containing an abrasive substance, such as salt or sugar, and a binding ingredient, such as an oil. As they consist of simple products, people can often make DIY body scrubs at home using everyday ingredients.

Body scrubs can be useful for removing dead skin cells, smoothing the skin’s surface, and adding moisture. However, as they are abrasive, it is best not to use them on sensitive, damaged, inflamed, or itchy skin.

This article explores the benefits of body scrubs, how to make DIY body scrubs, and how to use them.


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Whether you choose a healthy lunch may depend on your coworker’s plate


Researchers could gather information on individual food purchases from employees’ ID cards, which can be used to buy meals. Using the time between people’s food purchases, researchers inferred participants’ social networks. They also evaluated how many minutes apart two people made food purchases, the frequency that people ate at the same time over several weeks and if two people visited a different cafeteria simultaneously.

“Two people who make purchases within two minutes of each other, for example, are more likely to know each other than those who make purchases 30 minutes apart,” Levy said.

ExploreHow you can tackle your
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‘You’ve made a huge mistake’


The Taco Bell vegetarian taco is here, and fast food fans have plenty of thoughts.

Taco Bell announced it was testing an all-new menu item — called the “Cravetarian Taco” — at one of its Southern California locations. It’s unclear when and where customers may be able to get the item next.

The menu announcement comes after a tornado of news surrounding Taco Bell’s vegetarian options. In 2020, the company shrank its menu due to the pandemic. Among the cuts were the chain’s potatoes, an item so beloved that some fans literally protested the change.


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SK Coffee Gallops Into First Retail Coffee Bar in the Twin CitiesDaily Coffee News by Roast Magazine

SK Coffee bar

The SK Coffee logo referencing a traditional Swedish Dala Horse toy. All images courtesy of SK Coffee.

The Dala Horse of Saint Paul, Minnesota, at last has a pasture of its own. SK Coffee, whose colorful geometric logo takes the shape of the traditional Swedish toy horse, has opened its first retail coffee bar in the bright lobby adjacent to its roastery on the ground floor of the Vandalia Tower in Saint Paul.

High ceilings, white-painted brick walls, concrete floors and satisfying right angles form the basis of a modern-industrial interior design that reflects the the brand, with lush

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