20 best comfort food recipes


1. Apple berry crumble


Andre Martin

Everyone needs a brilliant crumble in their bag of tricks! It’s a crowd-pleasing dessert, and you can even eat the leftovers as an indulgent brekkie granola.

2. Aussie meat pie


The filling for this classic pie is slow-cooked casserole style. If you’re short on time, prepare it earlier on, then add pastry on the day.

3. Beef and dark ale stew


A six-ingredient one-pot-wonder.

4. Baked cauliflower cheese with crispy breadcrumbs


Swap your usual roast spuds for this

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Baby and mother win right to access Healthy Start food scheme | Benefits


A one-year-old baby and her mother have won a high court challenge granting her the right to access a healthy food and vitamins scheme from which she was previously barred. Thousands of babies and toddlers similarly denied access to the scheme will now be able to benefit from it.

Healthy Start aims to reduce child poverty and health inequalities by providing free vitamins, dietary advice and weekly vouchers to buy nutritious food or infant formula to low-income families with pregnant women and children up to the age of four. It is intended to benefit those in the “greatest need”.


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How to Get Started, Benefits, Foods and More


If you’re thinking of adopting a vegetarian lifestyle or are maybe just curious about vegan cooking, choosing to incorporate more plant-based meals into your diet has a slew of benefits for you and the planet. Making the shift towards plant-based eating is easier today now more than ever, namely because over 16 million Americans consider themselves vegetarian.

Not only is the plant-based community vast, but food establishments and restaurants are even starting to take notice and step up with tasty vegan alternatives to classic meat and dairy items. Here is everything you need to know about starting a vegetarian diet,

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Little boy writes special message on food boxes mom prepares for Covid patients | Trending


The message reads, “khush rahiye” in Hindi which means ‘be happy’, followed by a smiley.

PUBLISHED ON MAY 19, 2021 02:32 PM IST

In tough times, even seemingly the smallest gesture makes a big difference. That’s probably why so many people are resonating and appreciating this sweet gesture by a little boy.

A picture circulating on social media shows a little boy writing a special message on food parcels. According to the caption shared along with the photo, the food packets were prepared by his mother for Covid patients. The message reads, “khush rahiye” in Hindi which means ‘be happy’,

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Fairtrade International Unveils Global Resources for Climate Adaptation in CoffeeDaily Coffee News by Roast Magazine

coffee climate change

Daily Coffee News photo by Nick Brown

Fairtrade International and its United States branch Fairtrade America are sharing lessons culled from three years of work involving coffee farmers in Kenya as part of the group’s Climate Academy project in East Africa.

The nonprofit certification agency is promoting a written guide along with a series of instructional videos that could provide farmers all over the world from various agricultural sectors with useful climate change adaptation and mitigation tools.

Naturally, individual coffee farmers tend to make one of the smallest carbon footprints in the coffee supply chain — whereas shipping, roasting,

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