Nespresso X Chiara Ferragni: A Stylish Addition To Aina Syahirah’s Morning Routine


As a busy entrepreneur and style guru, Aina Syahirah is always on the go. As such, she can always use a little perk-me-up, preferably from a coffee provider that complements her chic sense of style. 

Fortunately, the co-founder of homegrown shoe brand Kulet has an ace up her sleeve— a gorgeous, vibrantly-designed Nespresso Essenza Mini coffee machine created in collaboration with famed digital entrepreneur Chiara Ferragni that turns every drink into an elevated experience complete with a fun pop twist. And to go with it is a collection of brightly-patterned coffee mugs that just happen to complement the bold

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Keep it simple, cheap and healthy with beans — and these recipes


When I was younger, I never appreciated how lucky I was to spend time with many of my great-grandparents. One of them stands out.

Even in his old age, my great-grandfather Edwin was a bundle of energy. He was healthier than average and lived to be 99. 

I remember how much he aggravated my grandmother, because, just like most people, he wanted to maintain control of his life even as he aged and needed some help. Edwin was no longer driving and my grandmother was buying his groceries. But he insisted on going to the grocery store with her so

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Weird vegetarian food | Weirdest vegetarian food items found around the world


Weirdest vegetarian food found around the world

Weirdest vegetarian food found around the world&nbsp

Key Highlights

  • Durian is perhaps the stinkiest fruit in the world
  • Benami Kheer is a sweet dish made using crushed garlic simmering in milk
  • Irish moss are sea vegetable that grow on the North Atlantic coasts of Europe

What do you think of when you hear the words vegetarian food (not asking meat lovers!)? Succulent pieces of paneer (cottage cheese) dipped in decadent creamy gravy, or maybe a thick veg patty loaded at the centre of two freshly grilled buns, or perhaps a creamy, luscious white

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Trending Today Features the Business and Future of Food on Fox Business


Meet the “Avocado Queen,” Natalia Merienne, a female trailblazer in the produce industry. Natalia sources avocados directly from growers in Michoacán, Mexico, a region rich in volcanic soil that yields avocados packed with nutrients and known for their unrivaled taste and texture. Natalia’s avocados are in demand at grocery stores and appear on a major restaurant chain menu. “I travel to Mexico every month to check on my growers and handpick the quality avocados I need for my customers. I believe I have a

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An Introduction to Water Activity in Green CoffeeDaily Coffee News by Roast Magazine

water activity in green coffee

While water activity may not affect cup score at any given moment, it may affect how long coffee maintains its quality. Daily Coffee News photo.

The world of science in the coffee industry has, for the past few years, been experiencing a renaissance involving innovation, technology, research and experimentation.

Most specialty coffee professionals have always been dedicated to a pursuit of excellence in all aspects of coffee — brewing, roasting, growing, processing, etc. — but in recent years, interest in a more scientific, data-driven approach to coffee has truly taken off and become mainstream.

Green coffee cupping tray

courtesy photo

It wasn’t too long

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