Best Apple Coffee Cake Recipe

apple coffee cake

Makinze Gore

Apples work wonders in this easy coffee cake. They add extra sweetness as well as making the cake extra moist and tender. We love it with granny smith and honeycrisp apples, but your favortie baking apple will do the trick!  The streusel topping adds that crunchy texture and makes this cake extremely addicting. It’s only made better by serving it with a hot cup of coffee and a good friend.

Have you made this yet? Let us know how it went in the comments below!

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Central Wis. working to bridge healthy food disparities


(WSAW) – The U.S. Department of Agriculture recently released its findings of the hurdles people who participate in the supplemental nutrition assistance program face when trying to maintain a healthy diet. It found nearly nine in 10 people have some kind of barrier.

The cost of healthy foods is one, with 61% of people saying that was an issue, and the research found that those individuals are twice as likely to experience food insecurity. Nearly a third said they do not have time to prepare meals from scratch. Transportation was another common hurdle with 19% of people noting that challenge.

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Chaia Is Bringing Its Popular Vegetarian Tacos to Bethesda


Chaia, the fast-casual counter that sells its all-veggie tacos at two D.C. locations, will see how well its business works in Bethesda. The company announced plans today to open its first Maryland shop at a pop-up space in downtown Bethesda this fall.

Co-owner Bettina Stern tells Eater the brand has acquired a one-year lease inside a former Häagen-Dazs shop (7237 Woodmont Avenue) next to Landmark’s Bethesda Row Cinema. If the long-term pop-up goes well, there’s a chance Chaia will park there for a longer duration. As of July 20, Landmark had not reopened the three D.C.-area movie theaters

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Viral video reveals what your favorite junk food looks like after 1-2 years


SAN FRANCISCO (KRON) — Food either goes bad or it turns into waste in our bodies – it’s the natural order of things… or so you think.

This viral TikTok may make you queasy the next time your eyes are set on something indulgent and cheesy.

User @elifgkandemir shared a video of their mother’s special pantry full of food that seems to never go bad. Drawer pulls reveal perfectly pink frosted doughnuts, cold-but-not-moldy pizza, and burgers that look maybe… hours old.

But the TikTok user says most of it is actually 1-2 years old.


We can spot a McDonald’s

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Jerusalem exhibit displays coffee culture through the ages


Coffee culture in Israel is as varied as the population. Bedouin hospitality dictates finely ground dark coffee served in tiny cups; Arabs will serve strong Turkish coffee often spiked with a dash of cardamom and brewed in a raliya, or finjan as it’s known in Israel; Israelis with a European or American background favor espresso drinks; and many Jews with Ethiopian roots still revere and practice the traditional Buna coffee ceremony.

In a new temporary exhibit, “Coffee: East and West” that just opened, the Museum for Islamic Art in Jerusalem pulls all those strands

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