Coffee is among the best option preferred by all ages and it can enjoy at a time throughout the day. There are plenty of options available for coffee and plenty of varieties also available. If you are out for a day, you will surely grab a perfect cold coffee, hot coffee, or coffee shake. Shake and cold coffee demand doubles in summer. Everyone enjoying coffee from the various cafe, but if you can make some coffee at home? Yes, it’s possible and here we look at 3 yummy coffee recipes you can try at home to get the cafe feeling.


Though it’s a super basic coffee, it is loved by everyone and enjoyed by all. To make this coffee you need ice, vanilla Icecream, instant coffee, and milk. It’s a simple blending of all these ingredients and you will get yummy and classic vanilla coffee.


This one is also simple and super fun to make and perfect when you want a perfect chocolate blend. Ice, chocolate Icecream, cocoa powder, instant coffee and kit kat. Blend simply in the blender and have a yummy KitKat coffee.


This one will surely be preferred by all the most. If you are an Oreo fan you would like to add ii in coffee. To make this orio cafe-style coffee you need, ice cubes, vanilla Icecream, instant coffee, milk and crushed Oreo. Blend all ingredients in the blender to get yummy and smooth oreo cafe-style coffee.