Plant-based, low-sugar shaping breakfast trends | 2021-04-20


CHICAGO — Consumers are interested in healthy, plant-based alternatives as well as unique flavors to start the day, according to data from Label Insight.

The company looked at consumer online searches to see what breakfast foods increased in popularity during the pandemic. Within the breakfast sandwiches and meals category, product characteristics like “gluten-free,” “veggie”, “ketogenic”, “low carb” and “healthy” increased in search volume, while searches for characteristics like “sugar free,” “high fiber,” “paleo” and “organic” increased within the cereal category.

“The pandemic has certainly urged and possibly forced some consumers to prioritize their health and wellness,” said Thea Bourianne, solutions

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2021 Colombia Cup of Excellence Winners Feature Two 90+ LotsDaily Coffee News by Roast Magazine

Pablo Andrés Guerrero with Washed Gesha

2021 Colombia Cup of Excellence winning producer Pablo Andrés Guerrero in Nariño. Image courtesy of the Alliance for Coffee Excellence.

Results for the Cup of Excellence green coffee competition of 2021 are in, with nearly two dozen high-quality coffee lots coming from Colombian coffee growers now heading to auction.

The winning producers were celebrated during a Friday, April 9, online awards ceremony after a group of judges at COE-approved Global Coffee Centers whittled a list of 35 finalist coffees down to 23, with each winning coffee scoring a minimum of 87 points.

Two coffees, both washed-process Gesha varieties, earned the

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Presenting the Coffee Roasting Forum with Diedrich and FiredancerDaily Coffee News by Roast Magazine



Roast magazine is proud to present the Coffee Roasting Forum, an online community-building and training event for craft coffee roasters led by Diedrich Roasters and Firedancer Coffee Consultants.

You can register for free here.

Here is the press release in full:

Diedrich Roasters and Firedancer Coffee Consultants Announce the Coffee Roasting Forum

An Online Community-Building and Training Event for Craft Coffee Roasters, Presented by Roast Magazine

PORTLAND, Ore. (April 13, 2021) — Diedrich Roasters and Firedancer Coffee Consultants are proud to announce a new digital one-day educational and social event called the Coffee Roasting Forum, to be

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Sanremo Ventures Outside the Box with Launch of the CubeDaily Coffee News by Roast Magazine

Sanremo Cube Red

The new Sanremo Cube espresso machine in red. All images courtesy of Sanremo.

Italian espresso machine maker Sanremo has taken its first step outside of the commercial equipment box with the addition of a compact, home-kitchen-friendly machine called the Sanremo Cube.

The Treviso, Italy-based manufacturer describes the new single-group machine as semi-professional, appropriate for at-home or commercial use.

Sanremo Cube white

Catering to both uses, the machine has two different models. The Cube R has a commercial-grade volumetric pump and the option to connect to a direct plumbing line, and the Cube V runs on a vibratory pump that draws only from

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Sustainable Coffee Institute (SCI) Launches Cupping Form and ProtocolsDaily Coffee News by Roast Magazine


SCI descriptive cupping form

Just as coffee is a living, changing thing, so too is the industry’s collective evaluation of it. One organization pushing the envelope in coffee evaluation is the professional education-focused Sustainable Coffee Institute (SCI).

After years of development, the Portland, Oregon-based nonprofit has released a new cupping form and associated cupping protocols, free resources designed to assist coffee buyers and producers alike in both the evaluation and communication of coffee’s attributes.

At the heart of the new form is the concept of description, which SCI contends is a more useful means than discrimination (“pass/fail”) through which to evaluate coffees, particularly

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The JoGo Coffee Straw Causes a Stir On KickstarterDaily Coffee News by Roast Magazine

JoGo coffee straw 2

The JoGo coffee straw. All images courtesy of JoGo.

A new coffee equipment brand called JoGo seeks to be the last straw in on-the-go coffee consumption, offering a literal straw with steel mesh filter at the end for drinking immersion-brewed coffee straight through the slurry.

Inspired by the traditional bombilla used in Latin American cultures to simultaneously sip and strain mate tea, the JoGo is a stainless steel straw with a silicone mouthpiece and a filter at the bottom designed specifically for consuming coffee, although the company suggests it could also be used for loose-leaf tea, pulpy juice, chunky cocktails

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