Vanilla Latte Coffee Granita Recipe (Dairy-Free, Soy-Free, Vegan)


Perk up with this vanilla latte coffee granita. It’s a simple recipe that was submitted by J J Parchman as a Sweet entry in our Snackable Recipe Contest several years ago. J J said, “This granita is so very light and fresh! It is delightful in summer but, once you taste it you will make it all year round. It’s the perfect end to a heavy meal or light snack. The coconut milk adds a depth of flavor and texture that makes this dessert so satisfying.”

Vanilla Latte Coffee Granita Recipe - Vegan, Dairy-Free, Gluten-Fee, Allergy-Friendly, and so refreshing!

This Coffee Granita is a Like a Frozen Vegan Vanilla Latte

Today we’re giving

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Flavors From Afar uniquely highlights refugee chefs and their best recipes


The ouze — a Lebanese dish of spiced, roasted lamb shanks over rice scattered with pine nuts and slivered almonds — served at Flavors From Afar tasted very familiar.

I had recently been ordering meals from a 10-month-old takeout and delivery operation called Mama Lina Cooks, which brings to Los Angeles some homestyle aspects of Lebanese cuisine (textured stews, comforting rice dishes, stuffed vegetables) that rarely appear on menus here. Ouze might show up on Lina Georges’ weekly rotating menus alongside koussa (zucchini stuffed with allspice-scented beef and rice), siyadiyeh (spice-rubbed fish with tahini sauce) and shish barak (meat-filled

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Best of Yemen Coffee Auction Results in $63+ Per Pound AverageDaily Coffee News by Roast Magazine


Best of Yemen 2021 coffee producer Wadi Shareef. All images courtesy of Qima Coffee.

The 2021 Best of Yemen coffee auction from the Alliance for Coffee Excellence and private partner Qima Coffee resulted in an average purchase price of $63.26 per pound of green coffee.

Buyers from 12 countries — with the heaviest representation coming from Asia, the Middle East and the United States — purchased the 22 winning lots through the online auction platform, with total sales reaching more than $385,000 for nearly 6,100 pounds of coffee.

Lot 9 – Ali3

Best of Yemen 2021 coffee producer Ali Alnahimi.

Mohammed Merhi, owner of

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Star Wars space coffee, Disneyland’s most unusual drink, is one of its all-time best


Some people go to Disneyland because, no matter how much time passes or how many tweaks might happen to rides over the years, things will be fundamentally the same every time they return. There will always be a Disneyland Railroad blasting its whistle and always a castle, all rosy and pink, rising over Main Street.

Some people go for the exact opposite reason: because no matter how many times they’ve been, there will always be something new to experience in the parks. I’m one of those people in the latter camp. If there’s something new at Disneyland — especially if … Read more

The Homegrown Meals In This Prison Stand Out Against Most Unpalatable Jail Food : NPR


At a prison in Maine, residents tend a garden that produces much of the facility’s food. Advocates say it’s a good way to avoid the unhealthy diets served at other prisons and teach useful skills.


Food served in prisons and jails is notoriously dreadful. Picture mystery meat drenched with dull gravy with a heavy reliance on overly processed starch. One advocacy group has identified an exception to this trend, though – Maine’s Mountain View Correctional Center. From Maine Public Radio, Susan Sharon has more.

SUSAN SHARON, BYLINE: Studies show that prison diets are often lacking in nutrition,

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Doctors say these nutrients are essential to healthy eating


(WKBN) – Food is an important part of many people’s lives, but not all food is the same. Some people even have food insecurity, which goes beyond just feeling hungry.

Lots of foods have carbohydrates and proteins.

But those aren’t the only nutrients people need to live a healthy life.

The human body has different processes that are constantly occurring and certain nutrients are vital to making those processes function properly.

When our bodies lack nutrients, those processes won’t work as they should which could potentially lead to some health problems.

“Often times, you know, people will consume foods that

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