The Hoddle of Coffee: Tottenham Hotspur News and Links for Wednesday, August 18


Hi, everyone!

I have noticed that, after 17 months of spending much more time at home, I hum more than I used to.

Ramble of the Day

Preseason is now a thing of the past, but I feel the need to mention a recent meeting between Cádiz and Atléti. I always find it funny when preseason matches end with someone lifting a trophy, because trophies are supposed to mean everything in sport and preseason is the direct opposite of that.

Cádiz and Atléti competed for the Ramón de Carranza, which is organized by Cádiz City Hall and has more history

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Mixing love of cars with coffee | Local News


With a whole lot of love for cars one Stratford area man has come up with a way to bring together other fans of the classic vehicles for a casual gathering in Pauls Valley.

Michael Jones is stepping away from his work in a Santa suit during the holiday season to focus on creating a new local event called Cars and Coffee.

The idea is for a couple of hours every now and then people and their vintage cars can gather in one spot giving the public the opportunity to come check out the classics.

Right now the plan is

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If your coffee’s going downhill, blame climate change

  • Robusta coffee more heat tolerant than arabica
  • It can be grown at lower altitudes than rival variety
  • Top roasters ramping up use of Brazilian robusta
  • Yields in Brazil now match top robusta grower Vietnam

LONDON/NEW YORK/SAO PAULO, Aug 16 (Reuters) – Coffee leader Brazil is turning to stronger and more bitter robusta beans, which are hardier in the heat than the delicate arabica, in a sign of how climate change is affecting global markets – and shaping our favourite flavours.

Brazil is the world’s biggest producer of arabica, yet its production has stayed largely flat over the last five years.

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Brutal attack on Portland coffee shop owner is ‘devastating’


Jordan Locke faces multiple charges

PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) — Rowan Wilder was working at the Lotus and Bean coffee shop in downtown Portland last Thursday afternoon when the owner of the shop was assaulted by a customer who later allegedly assaulted 3 Portland police officers before being subdued.

Wilder spoke with KOIN 6 News while the owner recovers from her injuries — “stitches in her lip and she’s got 2 black eyes.”

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