Vegetarian Wedding Guest Served Cold Mushroom, Sparks Online Discussion


A wedding is one of the most important days in any married person’s life, but for the guests it’s all about the free food.

Okay, that isn’t strictly true, but overindulging in a room full of merry people is one of the clear benefits of attending such an event.

However, on a rare occasion we can feel let down by the edible offerings that come after the ceremony, and one vegetarian woman recently took to Mumsnet to air her disappointment at the meat-free option at an expensive wedding.

Writing on the forum-led website on September 6, a poster by the

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Create hot and cold coffee recipes with the new Nespresso Atelier coffee machine


Try it out with Nespresso Limited Edition Coconut Flavour Over Ice, as well as the seasonal iced coffee blends, Barista Creations Freddo Delicato and Freddo Intenso.

If you like your coffee cold or served with ice, we have some exciting news for you. The highly anticipated Nespresso Atelier, a versatile coffee machine capable of creating hot and cold coffee recipes, now makes its debut in Malaysia. What’s great about the new machine is that you can easily prepare your favourite iced beverage without needing to add ice — a superb reason to upgrade your coffee machine or invest in one

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Dogolio Coffee delivers organic cold brew, packaged coffee beans


BLACKSTONE — The best coffee in the world, according to Alexa Manocchio, is in Doglio, a town in Italy’s Umbria region with fewer than 100 residents, and found inside a sand-colored brick building marked by a sign reading merely “BAR.”

“It was probably the most authentic experience we’ve ever had,” Manocchio said of a visit she made two years ago with her husband, Steve Poirier, near the couple’s wedding in the Italian countryside. “We get back home, and now we’ve been spoiled with three weeks of Italian espresso.”

Steve Poirier, left, and Alexa Manocchio, co-owners of Doglio Coffee, deliver their organic cold brew to a Franklin home, July 13, 2021.

With that high standard set, the Blackstone couple earlier this year established

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The Primula Burke Cold Brew Maker Is Ideal for Solo Coffee Lovers


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Finding a cold brew maker that makes coffee worthy of giving up your daily trip to Starbucks is no simple task. Beating out the professionals who have tried, tested, and excelled at finding a deliciously smooth recipe might sound impossible, but not if you’ve got the cold brew maker with 7,700+ perfect ratings.

Primula Burke’s Deluxe Cold Brew Iced Coffee Maker‘s sleek design fits in most refrigerator doors, and the borosilicate glass

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For Cold Brew, the Osma Pro Goes Further with the FlowDaily Coffee News by Roast Magazine

Osma Pro brewer 2

The Osma Pro countertop cold brewer. All images courtesy of Osma.

The small California-based team of engineers and designers that last year launched the innovative and portable Osma cold brew coffee and tea system has turned its attentions to a heftier countertop machine called the Osma Pro.

The Osma Pro takes the shape of an espresso machine but functions very differently. Building upon the liquid recirculation principles of the original Osma, the Osma Pro’s core technology centers more distinctly on the microcavitation effect created by recirculation.

Osma Pro brewer

In this case, microcavitation refers to the formation and collapse of microbubbles of

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Virginia’s Grit Coffee and Cold Brewer Snowing in Space MergeDaily Coffee News by Roast Magazine


Snowing in Space cold brew in kags. Courtesy photo via @snowinginspace

Two prominent Virginia specialty coffee companies, Grit Coffee and Snowing in Space, have merged under the umbrella of parent company Bread & Table.

Grit Coffee Co-Owners Brad Uhl, Brandon Wooten and Dan FitzHenry recently formed the parent company in order to consolidate multiple entities including Grit and cold-brew-focused Snowing in Space, while the two coffee brands will remain intact. The financial terms of the acquisition were not disclosed.

Grit Coffee Snowing in Space owners

Bread & Table Co-Owners Dan FitzHenry, Brad Uhl and Brandon Wooten. Courtesy photo.

“We’ve always admired Snowing In Space and

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