Level up your coffee, Soju: 7 TikTok drink recipes to try at home

Jade Yamanaka Gime (Philstar.com) – July 8, 2021 – 7:23pm

MANILA, Philippines – Apart from the never-ending dance crazes, interesting “story time” we got hooked on and makeup transformations, TikTok content creators also use the platform to share different beverage recipes that people can try at the comfort of their homes.

If you want to unlock the inner bartender and barista in you, you might want to check these recipes out!

Iced Caramel Macchiato 



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? Peaches – Justin Bieber


Coffee is the

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Galena Roasters Opens Shop in its Historic Illinois Home TownDaily Coffee News by Roast Magazine

Galena Roasters cafe

The new Galena Roasters coffee shop in central Galena, Illinois. All images courtesy of Galena Roasters.

Something’s been cooking upstairs from The Grateful Gourmet kitchen supply store among the quaint rows of historic buildings in the center of Galena, Illinois.

Under the name Galena Roasters, Earl Thompson has been overseeing a pair of Mill City Roasters on the third floor above his wife’s kitchen store since 2018. Last month, the roasting company opened its first retail cafe, joining the streetscape just down the block.

Galena Roasters Coffee Shop Owners Paul AuWerter (left) and Earl Thompson.

Thompson and business partner

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Easy ways to bring the Disney food flavors to the home kitchen


Even as Disney Parks welcomes more guests and fireworks fill the nighttime sky, those favorite Disney food flavors can come to the home kitchen. From breakfast to dessert, those magical moments can fill the plate with deliciousness. Ready to dig in?

Starting the day with some Disney food flavor is always a tasty choice. Luckily, Joffrey’s offers a Disney Signature coffee subscription service. Featuring favorite blends that are inspired by Disney Parks and Disney Resorts that first morning sip can add a little pixie dust to the coffee cup.

From the classic Mickey Mouse Blend to California Grill to

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Be your own Barista: Brew your favourite coffee from home – News


As work-from-home became a reality, we did miss the coffee from the cafés and believe it or not even the coffee that came out of the vending machine in the office. From whisking Dalgona coffee at home to investing in portable tiny coffee machines, to even signing up for a brewing masterclass, we took the plunge to take bean matters into our hands. Is coffee still the answer, and where do we stand today? “In the current scenario, many people are getting back to the office. Still, a considerable number of employees are requested to maintain the WFH policy. Office

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FI Trending Topic: Home Chefs Connecting with Customers Via Delivery Apps


Shef has raised $20 million to expand its homemade meal delivery marketplace. The company helps home chefs connect with customers by handling orders and getting the food delivered, reported TechCrunch (June 2).

Back in 2019, The Food Institute reported that California became the only state to legalize home restaurants by passing the Homemade Food Operations Act. However, more cities are now passing similar laws allowing for home chefs to sell homecooked meals.


Shef works somewhat differently from city to city because of local laws. In some places, the company can tap local delivery networks to get meals

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Abanico Coffee Roasters is Right at Home in The MissionDaily Coffee News by Roast Magazine


The new Abanico Coffee Roasters shop at 17th and Mission St. in The Mission. Courtesy photo by Rocio Russo Pearce @rociopearce

Coffee roaster and Q Grader Ana Valle’s childhood memories of her family sipping cafecitos in El Salvador have come full circle as her company, Abanico Coffee Roasters, has opened its first retail brick-and-mortar coffee shop in San Francisco’s Mission district.

Along with the expertly-crafted cappuccinos and lattes, the items listed on Abanico’s bilingual English/Spanish menu include a variety of traditional Latin American options such as café con leche, café de olla, and café con morro. The latter is

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