Helping kids cultivate healthy eating habits; Santa Cruz County nonprofits making a difference


Making healthy food choices is an important life skill that too many kids just never get the chance to learn. But what if kids were given the opportunity to help grow or cook their own food? Would they adopt healthier eating habits that last a lifetime, and even contribute to the health and wellbeing of others in their community?

Kids with the nonprofit Food What?!

FoodWhat?! students, Spring 2021


Those working with educational nonprofits in Santa Cruz County believe that answer is yes. Life Lab, Farm Discovery at Live Earth, Teen Kitchen Project, and FoodWhat?! are four local organizations that all share the common goal

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Doctor provides tips on getting kids to eat healthy foods


It’s a battle that can seem never-ending: getting kids to make healthy food choices, especially eating vegetables.

Dr. Nona Djavid, the founder of SoulScale, says if this is happening at your house, it’s important to remember you’re not alone.

“There’s so much variety of food that’s available to us: the packaging, the marketing, all of that. So, it’s becoming harder and harder to get your kids to eat healthier,” said Djavid.

She says to keep an eye on snack time because when they’re the hungriest, kids are most likely to eat what’s in front of them.

Be sure to have

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Cooking for Kids: Chefs’ Go-To Recipes That Keep It Simple and Please the Picky


I BEGAN WRITING about my son and his tricky eating habits six years ago. At the time, Achilles was only four and I was a cookbook author and restaurant critic for the New York Observer newspaper. The first book inspired by our dinner dynamic—my passion for food, his distaste for it—was a children’s book called “Can I Eat That?” It was an imaginary dialogue meant to foster a love of xiao long bao, tournedos and tostadas in young readers. I wanted to get away from the finger-wagging, carrot-and-stick routine Achilles and I had developed à table. Six children’s books later,

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‘An archaeological dig for food’: recipes to cook with kids during Australia’s lockdowns | Food


Palisa Anderson’s children followed her into the kitchen at a very young age. Now in their tweenage years, they’ve graduated to full-blown sous-chef status. “I feel like people really underestimate how capable kids are at that age,” she says.

Their kitchen duties now involve chopping, peeling and picking – and they’re particularly adept at the last task. Even if kids aren’t regular kitchen helpers, with much of Australia in some kind of lockdown, cooking together can be a great way to occupy time and learn something new.

Here are a few recipes to get you started.

Easy does it

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Proposal would broaden eligibility for Healthy Food for Denver’s Kids initiative | Government


The Denver City Council soon will consider a proposal to update the Healthy Food for Denver’s Kids initiative, expanding eligibility to provide access and funding for additional programs.

The council safety committee unanimously approved the proposal Wednesday, passing it forward to the full council for a final vote. The proposal will require a public hearing and supermajority approval from the council in the coming weeks.

“Ultimately, the reasons for these changes are to broaden eligibility requirements both for commission members and for organizations that can apply for funding,” said Paige Cheney, contract administrator for Healthy Food for Denver’s Kids.


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8 tips on introducing healthy foods to kids


Struggling to feed your child veggies? Read this mom’s tips and tricks on introducing healthy food to kids.

In this article, you’ll read:

  • Mommy Lynne’s tips on making your child eat healthy food

  • How giving choices, creativity, and consistency helps in introducing healthy food to kids

I attended a family gathering not too long ago, and they were all in awe at both my son and daughter who filled their plates with everything on the buffet table including those which would only appeal to older and more discerning taste buds like onions, vegetables, and seafood. What is my secret?


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