The Best Fast Food Breakfast Options at Every Chain


As conventional wisdom has it, breakfast is the most important meal of the day. But the morning is also a rushed time, full of family responsibilities and trying to get out the door on time, at which point your local fast food drive-thru window starts to feel like a great option.

But fast food for breakfast means you’re starting your day off on a nutritionally terrible foot, right? Not necessarily. “Contrary to popular belief, you can eat reasonably well at a quick-service restaurant,” says Christine M. Palumbo, RDN, FAND, and nutrition consultant from Naperville, Illinois. “The amount of

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An unhealthy decline in healthy food options | Editorials


Frozen pizza. Microwave dinners. Snacks with more unpronounceable chemicals than known food in the ingredients list.

It’s unfortunately not just the menu of a poor college student.

Children and teens in the U.S. now get most of their calories from “ultra-processed foods,” according to a study published this month in the Journal of the American Medical Association.

Researchers studied the diets of nearly 34,000 adolescents nationwide, finding such foods made up 67% of their intake in 2018 – up from 61% in 1999.

“Some whole grain breads and dairy foods are ultra-processed, and they’re healthier than other ultra-processed foods,” Fang

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Going on a Road Trip? Get Tips for Healthy Food Options


By Suzanne Watkins, MS, RD, LD, CNSC, Samaritan Albany General Hospital 

It’s finally summer, and nothing quite says summer like a road trip. Not keen on breaking that healthy meal plan you’ve adopted? That’s ok. A road trip does not mean you have to cut corners on eating healthful foods, though it does take some planning ahead. Whether you bring your own food or are relying on food along the way, there are ways you can stay healthy and feel good during your road trip.

Bring Your Own Food

If you have time to prepare for your trip, the healthiest

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Freshly joins plant-based craze with vegetarian options


The chief weakness of ready-made meals is that they’re low on fresh veggies, which is not surprising given that rice and couscous maintain their consistency for days; the same cannot be said for lettuce and eggplant.

Freshly is out to change that with a new line of plant-based meals, geared toward keeping pace with produce-heavy meal kits from services such as Purple Carrot and Hungryroot; the homepage of the latter displays “fresh produce” like broccoli, spinach, and seven-veggie stir-fry (though most of those ingredients are shipped fresh, not in ready-made meals). All of these services are competing for the roughly

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11 Healthier Fast-Food Breakfast Options


Making time for a healthy breakfast when you have a busy schedule isn’t always possible. Sometimes, you may therefore find yourself at the closest drive-through, grabbing something on your way to work.

Fast food is often thought of as unhealthy, and for good reason — most options will cost you lots of calories, saturated fat, added sugar, and sodium. Fortunately, healthier choices are available.

We researched popular fast-food restaurants to find you 11 healthier fast-food breakfast options.

If you’re looking to monitor your calorie intake, there are several options out there.

These two breakfasts are both under 300 calories. Keep

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Gas stations, liquor stores allowed to snap up benefit money without providing extensive healthy food options


(InvestigateTV/Gray News) – Driving through almost any town in rural America, gas stations have peculiar selections.

Of course, there’s the usual road trip fare: soda, chips and candy. Maybe a section of T-shirts with funny slogans or essentials for your car such as containers of oil and antifreeze.

But there’s often also the out-of-place package of ham in the beer cooler. A random few frozen meals tucked in near the bags of ice. Or an odd bunch of bananas in a basket at the checkout.

The reason in many cases: Stores are working to meet the minimum requirements to accept

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