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(14.5 oz) diced tomatoes, undrained (500ml) of vinegar (½ stick) unsalted butter - 4 pound chuck roast -5 cardamom pods, crushed 1 tbsp. olive oil 12 oz (800 g) chicken wings 2 pints oil 2 refrigerated pie crusts 2  c To  3  c  cubed  cooked  beef 4-6 eggs A few strands of saffron A pinch of salt Assorted sprinkles or decorations Bay leaf Beef  gravy Biryani masala powder Bisquick mix Butter, or cooking spray, Can-sliced  carrots,  drained Candied orange peel (opt) Carrots Caster Sugar Celery salt Chiquita bananas sliced, Chopped fresh cilantro, for garnish (optional) Cloves Cooked rice (for serving) Cooking Oil Cooking spray or oil spray Corn Chex cereal Corn chips, sliced fresh jalapeño, and sharp Cheddar cheese, to serve Cups frozen bamya (okra) Currants or raisins Dijon mustard Dijon-style mustard Egg yolk mixed with 2 tb Water Filtered water Fresh basil leaves Fresh basil leaves, for garnish (optional) Fresh cilantro, chopped (for garnish) Fresh parsley for garnish Fresh parsley or cilantro, chopped (for garnish) Freshly chopped parsley Freshly grated Parmigiano Reggiano Freshly ground black pepper Green food colouring Ground cardamom Ground cinnamon Italian seasoning to taste Japchae sauce Juice of 1 Lemon Juice of 2 limes Lemon twist to garnish Lemon wedges for garnish Lettuce leaves Mayonnaise (optional) Milk Nutmeg Onion,  finely chopped Optional: flavourings like vanilla extract or cocoa powder Optional: sweeteners like honey, maple syrup, or dates Orange twist, for garnish Organic bread flour Pepper  Pinch of Black Pepper Pinch of Paprika Pinch of freshly ground black pepper Pinch of salt Pitted Medjool dates Portion of leftover pasta Prosecco Red Wine Vinegar Red food colouring Rice Chex cereal Salt Salt and black pepper Shaoxing rice wine Sliced red onion Sliced tomatoes Spaghetti Standing rib roast Teriyaki sauce (for drizzling, optional) Two triangles of pineapple to garnish Vegetable  oil Worcestershire sauce agave syrup  all-purpose flour almond milk/coconut milk almond milk  almonds, soaked overnight and 1½ teaspoons active dry yeast apple cider vinegar applesauce arrowroot flour  asparagus baby bok choy baby kale or arugula bacon, chopped into small pieces bag  of frozen tater tots baking powder baking sheets baking soda basmati rice beef broth beef stew meat or scraps boiling water boneless beef top loin steaks, cut 1-inch thick boneless pork loin, trimmed and cut into 1/2-inch cubes bourbon brandy brisket, flat, trimmed and cut into 1½-inch cubes brown sugar bulgur bunch green onions, chopped bunches of fresh parsley, chopped butter butter beans (400g /14oz) butter or margarine butter, melted buttermilk buttermilk or sour milk canned pumpkin puree canned solid pack pumpkin canned tomato sauce cannellini beans canola oil carrot, diced finely carrots, cut into large pieces carrots, sliced cayenne pepper celery stalks celery stalks, sliced centre-cut salmon fillet cheese tortellini chicken chicken (bone-in or boneless) chicken breast chicken broth chicken cubes chicken drumsticks chicken or vegetable broth chicken, cut into six pieces. chickpeas, drained and rinsed chilli flakes chilli oil chilli peppers chilli powder, red, and turmeric powder chillies, green chocolate chips chocolate chips (milk or dark) chopped almonds for garnish chopped celery chopped coriander leaves chopped dried apricots chopped dried cranberries chopped fresh parsley chopped fresh tarragon chopped marinated artichoke hearts chopped mixed nuts (optional) chopped nuts chopped nuts (optional) chopped onion chopped pistachios for garnish chopped red bell pepper chopped roasted red pepper chopped shallot chopped walnuts or almonds chorizo sausage, chunk of butter cider vinegar cinnamon citric acid clove garlic cloves garlic, minced cloves garlic, peeled cloves of garlic, minced cocoa powder coconut cream coconut oil coconut oil melted coconut sugar cold water coleslaw mixed, with carrots shredded  confectioners’ sugar cooked and shredded chicken (optional for chicken and dumplings) cooked basmati rice cooked chicken breasts cooked chicken, shredded cooked long-grain rice cooked white rice coriander coriander powder coriander seed powder cornstarch cream cheese cream of tartar creamy peanut butter crispy rice cereal crumbled feta cheese cubes of lamb/beef cucumbers cumin cumin powder cumin seed cumin seeds cup of pure honey cups all-purpose flour cups sugar currants desiccated coconut diced tomatoes distilled white vinegar dried basil dried cranberries dried oregano dried parsley flakes (optional) dried thyme dried thyme (optional) dry white wine each walnut and raisin ears of fresh corn egg egg white/Cocktail Foamer [optional] egg whites egg yolks egg, lightly beaten eggplant, sliced into rounds eggs eggs, hard-boiled eggs, lightly beaten extra-virgin olive oil finely chopped almonds finely chopped flat-leaf parsley finely chopped jalapeño peppers finely chopped onions finely chopped shallots or green onions flour fresh Parsley, chopped fresh figs, halved fresh flat-leaf parsley fresh lemon juice fresh mint leaves fresh red currants fresh shiitake mushrooms, fresh spinach freshly grated Parmesan cheese freshly grated nutmeg freshly squeezed lemon juice frozen corn frozen mixed vegetables (carrots, peas, corn) garam masala garlic garlic clove garlic clove, minced garlic cloves garlic cloves, minced garlic paste garlic powder ghee gin ginger ginger paste glass noodles granulated sugar grated lemon peel grated parmesan cheese green beans green bell pepper, diced green bell pepper, sliced green cardamom green chilli ground almonds ground beef ground black pepper ground cloves ground coriander ground cumin ground ginger ground pepper ground red pepper half-and-half halved cherry tomatoes hamburger buns hard-boiled eggs heavy cream honey hot pepper sauce ice ice cubes inch fresh ginger, grated inch-square Parmigiano Reggiano rind kosher salt kumquats lard or unsalted butter, chilled large egg large egg yolk large eggs large onion large onion, diced large onions large onions, thinly sliced large sweet potatoes, peeled and cubed large wholemeal tortillas lemon juice lemon juice or vinegar lemon juices lemon zest lemon zest (about 2 lemons) lemon zest and the juice of 1 lemon lemon, zested light soy sauce lime juice lime/lemon juice linguine loosely packed coarsely chopped fresh flat-leaf parsley mandarin maple syrup margarine margarine softened marinara sauce marshmallows mashed overripe Chiquita bananas matchstick-cut carrot mayonnaise medium eggplants  medium yellow onion, diced finely medium yellow onions, finely chopped medium-sized tomatoes melted ghee or vegetable oil minced garlic cloves minced garlic, divided mini semi-sweet chocolate chips, mirin mixed nuts mustard  of Garlic of Parmesan, finely grated of Worcestershire sauce of all-purpose flour of bacon, chopped of baking powder of black pepper of black peppercorns of boneless, skinless chicken breasts of bread crumbs of butter of buttermilk of celery seeds of chicken broth of chicken stock of chilli powder of chopped tomatoes of cleaned spinach of club soda of club soda or alternative of confectioners sugar of cooked chicken, shredded of coriander seeds of corn kernels of cream cheese of cream cheese, softened of crumbled blue cheese of crushed red pepper flakes of crushed tomatoes of cucumbers, thinly sliced of diced tomatoes of garlic cloves of garlic, crushed and diced of garlic, minced of granulated sugar of grated Parmesan cheese of grated ginger, fresh of ground beef of ground cumin of heavy cream of lima beans of liquid pectin of milk of mushrooms, sliced of mustard seeds of oil, canola of olive oil of olives of onion powder of paprika of pasta of pickling salt of pine nuts, chopped of plain flour of pork (shoulder or tenderloin) of pork loin or beef sirloin of potatoes, diced of powdered sugar of red pepper flakes of refrigerated cinnamon rolls of saffron threads of salt of semolina, plus extra for dusting of sesame oil of simple syrup of smoked paprika of soju alcoholic beverage of soy sauce of spinach of sugar of sweet rice wine of toasted sesame seeds of turmeric of turmeric powder of unsalted butter of vanilla extract of white vinegar of whole milk of your favourite pasta of  Can white potatoes, drained of  kosher salt oil oil-packed solid albacore tuna old-fashioned oats old-fashioned rolled oats olive oil one set of fresh mint, chopped onion onion, chopped onion, diced onion, peeled and halved through the root onion, sliced onion, thinly sliced onions orange orange juice orange liqueur oregano package butter pecan, chocolate chip, chocolate fudge, devil’s food, German, chocolate or yellow cake mix package of Little Debbie Christmas Tree Cakes packed brown sugar packed light brown sugar packet of garlic salt paprika parmesan parsley flakes peanut butter peanut oil peeled and deveined shrimp peppers chipotle chillies in adobo sauce pesto pinch of coriander seeds pinch of nutmeg pinch of nutmeg (optional) pineapple juice pistachio, finely chopped pitted black olives plain all-purpose flour plain yoghurt plus 2 tablespoons milk potatoes potatoes, peeled and diced pound peeled and deveined shrimp powdered garam masala and cumin powder powdered sugar prepared basil pesto pretzel sticks pumpkin puree quartered onions, medium quartered tomatoes, medium raisins red bell pepper, diced red bell pepper, sliced red chilli red chilli powder red kidney beans red onion red pepper red wine reduced-sodium soy sauce ribs celery, cut into large pieces rice vinegar ricotta cheese ripe mangoes ripe peaches rum or brandy sachets bouquet garni saffron strands, soaked in 2 tablespoons of warm milk sake salmon fillets salt and pepper salt and pepper to taste scallion, thinly sliced sea salt semisweet chocolate chips semolina sesame oil sesame seeds sheets of phyllo dough shiitake mushroom shortbread (optional) shortening shredded Italian cheese mix shredded chicken breasts shredded coconut shredded mozzarella cheese sliced diced bacon sliced kalamata olives sliced mortadella, coarsely chopped sliced mushrooms sliced prosciutto, coarsely chopped sliced shiitake mushrooms sliced white mushrooms slices Muenster or Havarti cheese slices of white bread slices thick-cut bacon, chopped small bunch sweet basil small grated carrots  small mushrooms, sliced small onion, diced small ripe avocado small sprigs of rosemary small uncooked beetroot smoked paprika sour cream soy sauce spatchcocked whole chicken spinach, rinsed and chopped sprigs fresh rosemary sprigs fresh thyme sprigs thyme stalks of celery strong black coffee sugar sun-dried tomatoes, chopped super chunky peanut butter sweet paprika tablespoon soy sauce teriyaki sauce thinly sliced onion thinly sliced small bell red pepper thyme thyme leaves, crushed tikka masala paste toasted and chopped almonds toasted sesame oil toasted sesame seeds tomato paste tomato sauce tomato, chopped tomatoes tomatoes peeled, seeded plum-type tomatoes tub of dried peppers turmeric turmeric powder unbleached all-purpose flour unsalted butter unsalted butter [1stck] unsalted butter, melted unsalted butter, softened vanilla vanilla extract vanilla paste veal bones or veal shank vegetable broth vegetable or chicken broth vinegar or lemon juice warm water water water or beef broth watermelon white balsamic vinegar white bottom mushrooms white onion, thinly sliced white rum white vinegar white wine white wine vinegar whole black gram whole chicken whole milk whole spelt flour whole-grain mustard yeast yellow bell pepper, diced yellow onion yellow onion, chopped  yellow onion, quartered zucchinis  Cold butter, cubed  basil  black beans, soaked overnight  black pepper  boneless, skinless chicken breasts  caster/granulated sugar  chicken thigh (boneless, skinless)  chicken thighs [about 6-8]  chili powder  chilli powder  chopped fresh cilantro  chopped mint leaves  coconut milk  cornstarch dissolved in ¼ cup cold milk or water  crushed pretzels  eggplant  firmly packed light brown sugar  flaked almonds  flaked coconut  fresh basil chopped  fresh ginger   garlic salt  ginger-garlic paste  grated carrots  grated lime zest  grated peeled fresh ginger  ground chicken  ground nutmeg  large jalapenos  long-grain white rice  minced fresh flat-leaf parsley  of Franks Red Hot Sauce  of baking soda  of cucumbers  of cumin powder  of dried pasta   of filtered water  of flour  of fresh lime juice  of fresh mint leaves  of frozen peas  of garlic powder  of ginger syrup  of ground cinnamon  of ketchup  of okra, chopped  of paella rice  of pure honey  of ranch dressing  of raw peanuts  of ricotta  of salmon fillet  of shredded cheddar cheese  of sun-dried tomatoes, chopped  of water  onion powder  onion, peeled  onions, finely chopped  package semisweet chocolate chips  paprika or merkén  pounds of potatoes   pure maple syrup  red bell pepper  vodka  whole vanilla pod/bean
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