30 easy summer frozen dessert recipes, from ice cream to cake


What could possibly beat a frozen treat on a hot day? There’s nothing like the combination of cool, melty and sweet when the sun is out in full force.

When you’re looking to whip something up for a special occasion or just, you know, because it’s summertime, these frozen dessert recipes — from ice cream to ice pops — have got you covered. So, don’t turn on the oven but do make room in the freezer. Your kitchen just became the coolest spot in the house.

Ice cream ice cream sandwiches

No-Churn Coffee Ice Cream

Maya Warren

Ice cream is always a treat, but

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What’s the Green Curry Cake that’s trending via Masterchef Australia


MasterChef Australia, a competitive cooking show that can make or break your career as a professional chef, is now at its Season 13. Over the years, we have seen many chefs from various backgrounds showcase their culinary chops on the show. Now we have another dish that’s winning the internet — Green Curry Cake by Chef Depinder Chhibber. 

Green Cake Curry

Yes, on Episode 26 of Season 13 on MasterChef Australia, another chef represented India through her oddly sounding dessert. While we’d pass on it at first as no one would want curry and cake to exist in the same sentence, the trinity

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Parchment paper shaves calories and fat from coffee cake recipe


We’ve got a new spin on a favorite dessert. Today’s banana upside-down coffee cake was inspired by the classic pineapple upside-down cake.

Most of the nutritional enhancements we make to recipes involve substituting ingredients, but today’s big recipe improvement comes from a paper product that you likely store with your foil and plastic wrap.

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Enter parchment paper.

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Starbucks releases a strawberry funnel cake frappuccino: ‘Encapsulate summer’


Starbucks has just released a new summertime frappuccino that’s supposed to taste like a strawberry funnel cake.

Starting on Tuesday, the coffee chain will start serving the blended fruit beverage in the U.S. and Canada, according to a company news release.


The strawberry funnel cake frappuccino is made with iced coffee, funnel cake syrup, puréed strawberries and whipped cream. It is then topped with strawberry drizzle, crunchy funnel cake pieces and powdered sugar.

 “We wanted to capture the joy of this time of year, and we thought about those

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This Hungarian coffee cake is even better than babka

One morning, my wife suggested I look into making a different kind of bread. Not necessarily to replace my weekly challah habit, but just to try something new. I asked what she had in mind and she mentioned monkey bread. I’d never heard of it. 
So I Googled and turns out that monkey bread is actually a yeasted cake. Its origins are rooted in the immigrant Hungarian Jewish community that came to the United States. I immediately thought of my father’s grandparents, Jews who immigrated from the former Austro-Hungarian Empire. I texted my father and sure enough he remembered his
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Rhubarb coffee cake: Proof that ‘a recipe is a river’


Article content

A recipe is a river. So said someone, somewhere, once upon a time. I thought perhaps it was Jacques Pepin, but after searching through his books, his website and the entire world wide web, I cannot find a single reference anywhere to the line. So perhaps it was not Pepin, the famous French-born American engineer-turned-chef who said this. Nor anyone else, either. Maybe I merely dreamt it.

It makes perfect sense to me that

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